5 Things to Know About the Penha Longa Golf Hotel

It is a Hotel located in the beautiful city of Sintra in Portugal. Specifically it is located in the famous Sintra-Cascais Natural Park and has a beautiful view around. Adding more to its beauty is the Cascais Village which is at a 10 minute walk from this village and is nearer to the historical city and capital of Portugal, Lisbon. It is a unique and rare combination of such charm. It is known for its location as it is surrounded with some worth spending places. It becomes more attractive when you get to know about the Golf Course it has which belongs to the hotel. It is among the top 30 Golf courses of the Continental Europe and provides different levels of difficulties.

  1. Course Intro
  2. This golf course is ranked among the top 30 Golf courses of Europe and has an affiliation with Penha Longa Hotel. It has a total of 27 holes and the architect who designed this amazing golf course was known by the name, Robert Trent Jones.

  3. History
  4. The Penha Longa Resort has two golf courses basically. One is a 9-Hole Golf Course while the other is a 27-Hole Golf Course. The 27-Hole Golf Course is known by the name “The Atlantico” and was designed by Robert Jones. It was opened for playing in 1992 and hosted its first Portuguese Open Championship in the year 1994. The 9-Hole Golf course is for short play and is known by the name, “Mosteiro”. It was also designed by the same architect and was opened for Public in 1995.

  5. Weather
  6. The weather of this place is really cold. Even if you visit this place in the mid-summers, you will need a jacket. So, if you are planning on visiting this course, you should go in the early summers as the weather is a little bit fair during those days.

  7. Beauty
  8. It is completely covered in green grass and is properly taken care of. The Hotel Administration takes care of the natural beauty and help it grow more, adding more to the natural beauty they already have. It is among the most beautiful Natural Landscapes of the country.

  9. Championships
  10. This amazing Golf Course hosts the Portuguese Open Championship every year and gives players a hard time. It requires amazing skills for the difficult levels it has to offer and players from around the world come here for the Championship. They are mostly well prepared because they know about this Golf course and the skills it requires. The course also offers Buggies for players.

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