Top 5 Golf Courses To Try During Your Vacation In Algarve

Some of the unsung heroes in the Algarve region don’t get enough exposure on the web and through booking agents. Whether you’re a first time visitor to Portugal or a frequent visitor, the following five courses are on the top of our list this week. We’ve tried to cater for every type of golfer so make sure you visit at least one of these during your Algarve golf trip.

Pestana Silves

We chose Pestana Silves as our first Algarve golf course because it caters for those golfers out there who love to concentrate on their game. It’s a difficult course but offers an incredibly tranquil atmosphere which draws golfers back every time. Beautiful mountain scenery and challenging holes may tempt you to play this course on your own from time to time. If you enjoy the quiet and like to focus on your game, then Pestana Silves will soon become your favourite Algarve golf course.


Here’s a course that will challenge all aspects of your golf game. The bunkers on Alamos are large and strategically placed on inclines—testing your accuracy on every shot. The fairways are also quite wide which calls for excellent putting. As for the scenery, you’ll enjoy an almost constant view of the Monchique mountain ranges.

Oceanico Faldo

For the strategic player, Oceanico Faldo offers a series of holes that will take your game to the next level. Every stroke should be carefully planned if you want to avoid aggressive bunkers and hard-to-play terrain. The abundance of rocks and dessert gravel may fool you at first, but this course also has its fair share of water hazards. Oceanico Faldo has a dessert wilderness feel to it which brings a rustic beauty to Algarve golfing.


The Morgado golf course is close to Alamos and therefore also offers a gorgeous mountain view. This course has made our list because it is one of the longest courses in Algarve, making it well worth the booking fee. It was also designed with large fairways so make sure your putting is up to scratch.

Quinta de Cima

Offering a nice balance between difficult holes and easier ones, Quinta de Cima will always be a favourite among Algarve regulars. If you haven’t tried this course yet, you must. You’ll soon see why it is so popular. Designers ensured that play remained enjoyable and while some holes may frustrate you, you will have an overall great game at Quinta de Cima.

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