4 Things To Know While Planning Golf Trip To Vilamoura

Vilamoura, in Portugal, offers fabulous and diverse experiences, ranging from the Atlantic beaches and tranquil pine forest ambles to a shooting club, casino, a few nightclubs, and a riding school. The main attractions of Vilamoura are the water park of Algarve with Polvo Watersports and the golf courses. For a historic feel, the Cerro da Vila Museum and the preserved Roman site are perfect places to bring in the area’s past to the forefront. You can rent a vehicle to roam in Vilamoura and the neighboring regions of Algarve.

However, among all these attractions of Vilamoura, the chief ones are the golf courses. Vilamoura is a haven for golfers, with its several different golf courses. When planning a golf break to Vilamoura in Portugal, you must consider some of the important things. They are:

  1. Travel in the tourist off-season
  2. While planning a golf trip to Vilamoura, make sure that you travel in the tourist off-season. This will give you better deals and low accommodation and airfare rates. Moreover, you can choose a golf course according to your preference. On the other hand, if you travel in the golf peak season, which is usually around May, you will get the same rooms at a higher price, with only selective golf courses that are not already booked. Additionally, you must book a golf course through your hotel, in order to get discounts.

  3. Book a free shuttle service hotel
  4. Book a hotel in Vilamoura that offers a free shuttle service, which drops and receives you from the Oceanico golf courses. Most of the hotels in this region provide shuttle buses, so it will not be a difficulty to find such an accommodation; for instance, the Vila Gale Marina hotel that is situated close to the modern marina.

  5. Choose a golf course
  6. When in Vilamoura, you will be spoilt for choice with a wide range of golf courses in this region. The Oceanico brand covers seven different golf courses that are equally good, including the Faldo, Old Course, Victoria, O’Connor Jnr, Laguna, Pinhal, and Millennium. Apart from these, there is also the Quinta do Lago North golf course, which is built only recently. Among these, the best golf courses are the Victoria and Old Course. Quinta North is also in good condition, but its greens are tough.

  7. Hire a buggy
  8. When playing at one of the golf courses in Vilamoura, hire a buggy to make moving around easier in the fairway. The buggy will help you to save your energy, thus allowing you to play more actively. Also, a buggy will give you some shelter against the burning sun rays, if you plan to travel in summers. At Quinta do Lago North golf course, you surely must hire a buggy, as the distance between a few of its holes is greater.

Vilamoura is a great destination for golfers, thanks to its sunny weather, competitive prices, and multitude of golf courses. So, what are you waiting for? Just plan your trip to this fantastic place and get ready to swing your club.

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