Why You Should Visit The Oeiras Golf Course In Portugal

Golfers enjoying their getaway in Portugal will never forget the experience for the rest of their life. The pleasant memories of their time in the golf course will be imprinted on their memory, and they are sure to return. Courses in Portugal are such an attraction to golfers’ world over, because of the mild climate, stunning scenery, the friendliness of the people, and hospitality of the staff.

In recent years, the Oeiras Golf Course has become well known among locals and tourists alike. This course was opened in 2013 and was developed as part of a real estate project. Oeiras gives plenty of reasons for you to visit again and again. Here are some of them:

The Journey

Driving sucks. That’s common knowledge. Golfers don’t like to travel long distance to play their favorite game. Oeiras Golf Course presents a unique opportunity for golfers to enjoy play, yet stay in close proximity to the luxuries that city life offers. The journey to this pretty course from the nearby cities – Lisbon and Cascais – is short. The course is only 15 minutes drive away from both the cities. This makes Oeiras an ideal golf destination and a perfect golf getaway for both locals and tourists.

The Challenge

Each hole on the course is unique. This’ll force you to think and plan strategically while playing in this 9-hole course. Golfers hate when the course is child’s play that poses no challenge to the player’s golfing skills. The developers and the designer Jorge Santana da Silva, have put a lot of effort to give players not only a challenging field, but also a course that’s fun for all.

Environmental Friendly

Oeiras is set among beautiful natural terrain, designed to cause minimal damage to the environment. A great deal of thinking has gone into the aesthetics of the field. The green is attractive and the grass is tended well with minimal use of fertilizers.

The Clubhouse and Driving Range

After a memorable session on the green, the clubhouse at Oeiras Golf Course is the perfect place to take a break, have a bite, and draw in the atmosphere of this fantastic golf course.

Feel you need to hit a bucket of balls before you take on your buddies in the field? Oeiras has a cool driving range with all the features and resources that guarantee the best possible experience for its visitors.

You’ll love Oeiras for the fantastically designed course. It plays delightfully well, and is a great option for anyone who wants to take a break from their hectic work schedule or wants to have a quiet vacation with family and friends. Here, we’ve mentioned only some of the reasons why you should visit Oeiras Golf Course; actually they have more to offer. You’ll end up loving Oeiras even more when you get there.

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