A List of 10 Great Short Game Tips

A good short game is the key to improving your scoring on the golf course. No matter how great you hit the ball with your full swing, you will still need a quality short game if you are going post good scores on a regular basis. In order to help you fine tune your short game, use the list of ten short game tips below.

  1. Light grip on putter. Keep your grip relaxed when you are hitting your putts to ensure you have a good feel for the putter head and better control over the distance that you roll your putts.
  2. Keep the ball on the ground. Whenever possible, keep the ball as close to the ground as possible to maintain control. The farther you fly the ball through the air, the harder it gets to control the distance that the shot will travel.
  3. Play more break. When reading a putt, or even a chip, play more break than you see at first. Most amateurs miss on the low side of the hole, so play extra break and give your putts a chance to fall in.
  4. Pick specific targets. Before you play a shot, pick out a specific target for where you want the ball to go. Don’t just aim at the hole and hope for the best – find a very specific spot and focus on executing the shot right to that spot.
  5. Relax. Pressure can cause havoc in the short game, so take a deep breath and relax before playing the shot.
  6. Practice before you play. Most golfers hit the driving range before they head out onto the course, but they often neglect the practice putting or chipping area. Make time to work on your short game and you will see it pay off.
  7. Don’t fall in love with spin. It is a good idea from time to time to use spin to stop your short game shots, but don’t make that your only shot. Get comfortable with using loft and speed to control the ball as well.
  8. Be patient. Sometimes, you will be presented with a short game shot that is too difficult to get close to the hole. Be willing to take your medicine, and take the safe line to get on the green.
  9. Accept failure. You are bound to hit a poor short game shot from time to time. Don’t get frustrated, and keep giving each shot your best effort throughout the day.
  10. Always improve. There is always something you can improve on in your short game, so continually look for new ways to hit different shots and save strokes on the course.
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