Algarve - your best choice for all-inclusive golf holidays

Some say this part of the world has more sunshine than the state of California. Others believe Algarve offers golfing opportunities like no other. Whatever the case may be you can find what you are looking for to make your next golf holiday memorable and enjoyable. There are so many reasons why golfers travel here every year. Even if you are not a golfer, you can still enjoy a wide range of activities at an affordable price with the right travel package.

Wide Selection of Courses

Reputable golf magazines have called this area literally a golf haven with more than 35 quality courses to choose from. This means if you are an advanced player or a beginner you can find a course to match your skills and interest. Some of these courses are known to be eco-friendly; meaning they are safe for the environment while helping to preserve nature. You can choose to play a few rounds by the beach, near the ocean or mountainside. You can choose where you want to play to get more comfortable on the course. There are also several options for championship tournaments for those who like to see pro golfers in action.

Price and Affordability

When you find what you want at the right time you can actually take an affordable golf holiday getaway. There are options for families, couples, corporate businesses, and individuals looking to enjoy activities alongside a few rounds of golf. You do have to do some homework on where to travel based on what you are willing to pay. There are golf packages available throughout the year to top golf resorts and rates may change depending on the season. You can find deals and discounts as well depending on travel carrier and who you book your package with.

Good reviews

Golf resorts throughout Algarve have received 4 and 5 star reviews from golf professionals, beginners, and some of the golf world’s toughest critics. These reviews can be helpful in making your decision on where to visit.

Check these resource if you are struggling with your golf holidays destination. From popular reviews to travel agencies, from guides to services - we've got them all.

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There are various reasons why many golf courses and resorts receive high reviews. A few include good food, atmosphere, affordability, golfing opportunities and weather. The weather alone is enough to draw thousands of people who travel here in any given season. Few have mentioned they enjoy the fact the sun shines often making playing more enjoyable.

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